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We’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years and have experienced first-hand the financial demands and pressures involved with running and growing a pharmacy business.

We always felt constraint by our PMR system and tied down to a handful of wholesalers, where cost prices were rarely compared. We wanted a fairer way of buying pharmaceuticals and more wholesaler choice.

So, when we couldn’t find an online tool to connect us with more quality-assured suppliers, we created one and named it Pharma Finder.

“We promise to connect you to a huge range of verified UK wholesalers so you can buy the medicines your pharmacy needs at lower cost - protecting your margin and supporting you as you fulfil your clinical role in your community.”

We believe in…

Creating strong, long-lasting relationships between pharmacies and wholesalers
Providing pharmacies with more product choice, greater stock availability and fairer pricing
Enabling pharmacies to prosper and grow with the support of digital technology
Working with properly-accredited and licensed pharmacies and wholesalers to provide safe pharmaceuticals to communities in the UK
Helping pharmacists and their staff to fulfil their clinical role in the community more efficiently
Reducing pharmaceutical stock and waste
New to Pharma Finder?
Pharmacy FAQs
  • How does Pharma Finder work?

    The website provides an introductory service between pharmacists and wholesalers. Pharmacy wholesalers will upload their stock lists ( based on the PIP-Code) and prices to the site. Registered pharmacists will be able to see and compare the prices of the stock lists uploaded by the wholesaler.

  • How do I send an order?

    If you have registered as a Pharma Finder customer, you simply click your selected product from the wholesaler offering you the most competitive price and place it in your basket. If you have a list of products, you can upload a list and just click on the selected products from the wholesalers offering the best prices.  Click add to basket and your order will be sent to the wholesalers you have chosen based on their prices

  • Which wholesalers can I use?

    The choice is based on the wholesalers that have accepted you as a pharmacy that they are happy to supply to. We accept price lists from any WDA approved wholesaler in the UK . These wholesalers provide price lists kept up to date using pip-code data.

Wholesaler FAQs
  • How does the system pick from wholesalers?

    Each supplier provides a price list of their products. Pharma Finder will compile this list alongside prices from other wholesalers. You can order a single product and choose from the cheapest wholesaler or upload a desired list of products and order from multiple wholesalers with the cheapest prices

  • How quickly can I use the site?

    All you need to do is fill in our wholesaler registration form and ensure the paperwork is correct and we can get you up and running. You will be able to see the prices of your chosen product supplied by the wholesalers already registered on the site. However you can only order from wholesalers that have approved you as a buyer.  Registered wholesalers who are already on the site, will be able to approve you once they have looked at your registration details.

  • Who is Pharma Finder?

    Pharma Finder is an independent site provider only and we do not favour or align with any manufacturer or wholesaler providing you with free choice of who you select as a wholesale supplier. You may select any wholesaler registered with Pharma Finder that has agreed supply with you through the platform approval system.

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